The Process

This is a brief description of what takes place when we first meet.

We start by meeting, to view your garden and to discuss your requirements. The first hour is free.

You’ll need to think about what style of garden you would like: formal, contemporary, naturalistic, wildlife friendly, cottage, edible or do you have an alternative style in mind? Do you want a refresh, renovation, replanting or full design? This is a creative process to provide you with a unique garden.

Maybe you’d prefer a low maintenance garden, or one that meets the needs of you and the kids? the dog?

If you are happy to continue we can agree a package or combination of packages from the examples I have shown. Or we can devise a completely new package that meets your needs.

Further visits may be needed depending on your requirements, for instance your garden may need measuring, a site survey and/or a soil analysis.

We will also meet to agree the proposals before the plans are drawn up.


The cost depends on the size of your garden, the amount of work that you require and the plants. See the examples of packages on the following pages or agree a package to fit with your budget. I provide a flexible service that can fit with your needs and your budget. I will provide a review of what we have agreed and estimate of the cost in writing, before continuing.

I can help with the process of finding a landscaper to build the garden, such as the paving and fencing, and oversee the work for you,  so that the build keeps to the design. Depending on the size of the project I will do the planting.